Create a Lasting Impression with Our Beautiful Main Door Designs

Doors play an important role in defining the character and perspective of a space just as walls, ceilings and furniture items do. After all, first impressions are everything and a beautiful main door is the perfect way to create a great impact while welcoming guests into your home or office.

Choosing the correct main door designs for your home or office can be a challenging task. Before making that decision, it’s crucial to know about the available options and how they can transform your front entrance into a design statement. With this in mind, Primedoor has identified important factors to consider when selecting an entrance door, for instance: selection of materials, style, colors and the size of a specific door.

We offer the highest-quality doors that are known for their aesthetics, functionality and durability. Our main doors add elegance to your lavishly adorned space, no matter if it’s a home, office, restaurant, school or any other area.

We showcase our door designs through a selection of gorgeous and modern main door wood designs with a strong and unique character that inspires both homeowners and architects. While you want your door to be elegant and complement the exterior of your space, you also want it to be safe, secure, and energy efficient.

Brand: Prime Door

Material: Burma teak wood,Ctg.Teak Segun Wood & Mehogony wood

Size: 60″-72″ x 84″

Thickness: 38 mm(finished)

(Above size is standard but any customized size is Available)

Main Entry Double Door


Main Entry Double Door


Main Entry Double Door


Main Entry Double Door


Main Entry Double Door


Main Entry Double Door